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Winnings in sports competition and PIT tax return

Sports competitions evoke great emotions. Winnings – great pride, satisfaction and … often involve significant amounts of money. And we know that the latter is inevitably of interest to the…

How to correctly amend a public procurement contract?

An amendment of the concluded public procurement contract in comparison with the text of the offer is subject to numerous restrictions. The last amendment to the Public Procurement Law introduced…
Enviromental protection

New fee for rainwater

On 1 January 2018, a new act – the Water Law – will come into force. This act, still at the stage of work on it, evoked numerous controversies, in…
Enviromental protection

Permits for transport of wastes will expire

In recent times, businesses received electrifying information that a register was established, as expected for more than 5 years, of entities marketing products, products in packaging and entities managing wastes.…
Private clients

Legatio vindicatio effective abroad

The Court of Justice of the European Union issued an important judgement concerning international inheritance matters. It opens the road for effective transfer to heirs of the ownership title to…
Private clients

A foundation is not the founder’s money box

A private foundation may be an excellent tool to protect the family’s and company’s assets. In order to serve this function, it must be established with full awareness. What should…

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